Last To Leave FaceTime Wins $10,000!

by: Lucas and Marcus     Published on: 20 October 2019

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WHO DO YOU THINK STAYED ON FACETIME THE LONGEST?😂SEE US ON TOUR! City, NJ - June 22Philadelphia, PA - June 23Toronto, ON - June 29Detroit, MI - June 30Indianapolis, IN - July 20Cleveland, OH - July 21Phoenix, AZ - July 27Denver, CO - July 28Atlanta, GA - August 10Orlando, FL - August 11Anaheim, CA - August 16Los Angeles, CA - August 17San Francisco, CA - August 18Kansas City, MO - August 24Chicago, IL - August 25Dallas, TX - September 7Houston, TX - September 8Freehold, NJ - October 12Boston, MA - October 13Raleigh, NC - October 19Washington, D.C. - October 20MERCH 🔥 POST TUESDAY,THURSDAY, & SUNDAY!TURN OUR POST NOTIFICATIONS ON FOR A SHOUTOUT!SUBSCRIBE TO THE IVANITA CHANNEL! TO THE DOBRE VLOG CHANNEL! TO THE LUCAS AND MARCUS CHANNEL! Lucas's Social Media Instagram: DobreTwins Marcus's Social Media Instagram: DobretwinsFollow the Dobre Brothers: Instagram: - [email protected] THANKS FOR WATCHING!Last To Leave FaceTime Wins $10,000!