Left 4 Dead No Mercy Trailer

by: LoneWolfHBS     Published on: 15 March 2010

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The Drains machinima from Death Toll will be delayed due to problems with my game starting up (Do not mod your game without backing up first =D). Someone requested me to do this so I took the time to make this one. I want to make sure that none of my fans are bored waiting. This one was made to resemble a trailer, even if it is nothing like one. I gathered all the footage I used for my No Mercy machinimas and combined them to make this. This machinima left me sweaty and tired, never realize how hard making a trailer can get. I hope that you all enjoy this one. Please rate and comment. Background music: "Hero" by Skillet By the way, I am new to this WMG crap and honestly, I never understood it. This controversy between Youtube and WMG reminded me of several arguments I had with my friends when I was a Primary School kid (7-12 years old =P). I don't understand why they have to spoil the fun and limit the sharing capability between people all over the world simply because they hate each other. Being selfless seems so hard for people these days. WMG, please do not remove the audio. It is fully fan-made and even the music itself was tampered with. It is all meant for sharing purposes. To any of my fans out there, if WMG take the audio out, I'm sorry. No Mercy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xpjw2SZYUjc