LEGO Superhero Arcade Game - Don't Mess With Spider-Man | Minifigure Studios

by: Minifigure Studios     Published on: 17 May 2019

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LEGO Arcade Game - Don't Mess With Spider-ManLEGO Spider-Man is working his part-time job at the local burger shack when he gets enough money to go the arcade. He plays a guy who doesn't realize he's playing against Spider-Man but finds out after Spider-Man beats him.LEGO Zombie Prison Break 2A man in prison gets turned into a zombie by a mad scientist doing experiments. Luckily for the man, he can control his zombie powers and use them to his advantage. He manages to turn a number of other prisoners into zombies too as well as a couple of guards. He uses the guards to get him down to the basement and steal some clothes in order to facilitate his prison break.LEGO Babysitter - Spider-Man & Super HeroesVenom plays a joke on Spider-Man and leaves a baby at his door. Spider-Man does his best to babysit but calls on his super hero friends Batman and Robin for help. Batman isn’t much help and decides to bail when he smells a dirty diaper. Luckily, Robin comes to the rescue and saves the day. Just when Spider-Man gets a second to rest, Green Goblin drops another baby off, which is definitely too much for Spider-Man to handle.LEGO Swimming Pool - Super Heroes' Day OffLEGO Super Heroes finally get a day off and decide to spend it at the swimming pool. Spider-Man, Hulk, Batman, Robin and Joker have some fun but run into a trouble maker at the pool who doesn't want to follow the rules of the swimming pool. They eventually get him to comply and end up having some fun on their day off too!LEGO Gym FailOur LEGO CrossFitter goes to his local LEGO CrossBrick Gym and gets himself into some serious trouble. He has problems with almost every piece of equipment including the treadmill, ropes, tire and pullup bar. After getting cut, he’s able to impress the ladies but pays the price for it.Please be sure to like and subscribe for more videos like:LEGO Arcade Game - Don't Mess With Spider-ManLEGO Zombie Prison Break 2LEGO Babysitter - Spider-Man & Super HeroesLEGO Swimming Pool - Super Heroes' Day OffLEGO Gym FailHyperfun by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Audio LibraryStoryblocks Audio Sound Effects ( Sound (