Light telescope will it open out intelligent life in the cosmos ?

by: Philip Ferdinands     Published on: 05 January 2016

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Telescopes like the Hubble had to be put into space because of the earth atmosphere interfering with the light coming from the stars. Presently modern science has been able to over come this problem that is the light waves can be focused coming from the stars with out any interference. this way large light telescopes can be built on earth for example like the 30m dia meter light telescopes and the telescopes built all over the world will be more than 30 meter diameter in the near future. this will lead to man kind be able to see beyond the big bang in other words the Human race will be able to see many big bangs in the near future it was said that the edge of the cos mos was where galaxies travel near the speed of the light but with large dia meter light telescopes this will not be true. Presently the milky way galaxy is been mapped out for planets like earth and planets which are completely made out of diamonds have been found but they are two far to go only eve droppings to radio waves from outer space may give complete evidence of intelligent life in the cos mos. so one can see the next decade will be a decade where many new theories of the cosmos will come into focus who is God does God exist so i will close with the hymn we thank thee ID : Discovery of the transistor Philip Ferdinands Google ID : Philips Ferdinands Online Tuition skype ID : philips7685 International Telephone : +94777622834facebook : [email protected] contributions for online Tuition in English Language for under privilege students Bank Account No : 093020089863 (Hatton National Bank Dehiwala Branch Sri Lanka)Google ID : Philip Ferdinands