Liquid Sand Pool: Ft. SMOSH, CaptainSparklez, Pocket.Watch

by: Nick Uhas     Published on: 29 March 2018

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SUBSCRIBE!: THIS VIDEO: Channel: VIDEO: Sparklez (who is Jordan) Video: Article: Team! This was by far the biggest project this channel has ever taken on. It was almost a month of planning, building, filming and editing!!! The end result was a MASSIVE LIQUID SAND POOL! This particular science phenomenon takes advantage of what is called a “fluidized bed”. These are mostly used in industrial applications the process combines a pressurized fluid (a liquid or a gas) and forces into a solid like sand or dust. This combination makes these solid particles act like a fluid. The feeling of falling back into dry sand that acts like a liquid is very strange and in some ways very relaxing. The sensation is somewhat like what you think floating in Jello would feel like, however, because it’s totally dry you feel super comfortable! This particular video was made so much more fun because of the SMOSH squad, Jordan of “Captain Sparklez” and the Pocket.Watch team (of which has the best clip in the video face planting into the sand pool). The Pocket Watch team, in particular, made this possible with helping me fund the entire project, so big thank you and make sure to take a look at their channel for some footage not seen in this video! Also, big shout out to Mark Rober for coming up with this original liquid sand concept. His video is here: Nickipedia Instagram: Website: http://www.NickipediaLive.comProduction Team: Writer/Producer: Nick Uhas DP: Sam Mosco, Pocket.Watch Studios