Looney Tunes Cartoon Classics: The Lion's Busy (Leo the Lion) (1948) (HD)

by:™ Cartoon Channel     Published on: 15 March 2019

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Description :

Leo the Lion on his tenth birthday, receives a book as a present, and after finding out that lions rarely live beyond ten years, a hungry Beaky Buzzard, who turns out to be the one who had sent the book to him in the first place, takes the chance to eat him for his meal. Directed by I. FrelengProduced by Edward Selzer (uncredited)Story by Tedd PierceStarring: Mel BlancMusic by Carl StallingAnimation by Arthur Davis, Gerry Chiniquy, Ken Champin, Virgil RossLayouts by Hawley PrattBackgrounds by Paul JulianColor process: TechnicolorDistributed by Warner Bros. PicturesRelease date: February 18, 1950Running time: 7 minutesLanguage: English