Lost Boys: The Thirst - official trailer

by: The Morningstarr*     Published on: 25 September 2010

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http://www.themorningstarr.co.uk/2010/09/25/three-more-lost-boys-films-and-a-tv-show/The second sequel to the smashing 80s vampire flick Lost Boys is about to hit the shelves as it goes straight to DVD.But there are hopes of a high demand for Lost Boys: The Thirst when it is released next month, so much so that there is already talk of three more movies and a TV show. Star of the films Corey Feldman is even taking his band on the road to promote the movies!Lost Boys: The Thirst sees the return of both Frog brothers, Feldman is joined by his onscreen brother Alan, who is played by original actor Jamison Newlander. Eye-candy for the film is provided by South African supermodel and actress, Tanit Phoenix. Phoenix has also appeared in Lord of War and she stars alongside the likes of Sean Bean, Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo and Luke Goss in the forthcoming Death Race prequel.To promote the release of The Thirst Corey Feldman has put together a live performance where fans get to see the stars of the show in a "theatrical setting", get a sneak peak of the new movie and also get to listen to Feldman's band, Truth Movement, playing. Dressing up is also encouraged."What we're going to do is have a live theatrical experience with Live Nation and the House of Blues. It will give fans the opportunity to come to the House of Blues and see the original Lost Boys in a theatrical setting. They'll also get a sneak peek of the new film and they can come in costume -- there will be a costume contest. My band Truth Movement is going to perform." Feldman explained.Unfortunately for British fans the Lost Boys live experience will only be touring select dates in the US in October.But this might cheer fans up, Feldman has also announced that Warner Premiere who produced the last two Lost Boys films are already considering making a further three movies and pushing the franchise onto the small screen."If (The Thirst) performs as it seems it's going to, we're open to not only another sequel, but we're talking three more films, a second trilogy." The actor said this week."We've plotted out three more films that could bring back more original characters. We're also talking a television series."