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A man who was inpatient wants to get rich at all cost gets his reward as he was duped and also faced the wrath of blood money.#LatestTYorubaMovies #2018YorubaMovies #YorubaMoviesThis latest 2018 Yoruba movies or Yoruba Comedy Movies is brought to you by Yoruba Cinema5star Movies. Please feel free to subscribe to our channel by clicking this link: are some of the playlists you may also find interestingMust Watch Yoruba Movies - Yoruba Movies 2018 - ADEKOLA MOVIES - Yoruba Movies - Yoruba Movies 2018 - SOBOLA MOVIES - AIMAKU ABRAHAM MOVIES - OJO MOVIES - welcome all comments and suggestions to make us serve you better. Thank you as we make your experience worth-while.Brought to you by Yoruba Cinema5star Movies.Powered by AFOREVO.