MBTI test vs The Octogram Work and Leadership Styles test

by: OTM Education     Published on: 11 February 2015

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A really good way to learn new information is to figure out how it connects with other things you already know. This video is for people familiar with the MBTI(R) test. I will walk you through the correlations between the MBTI and the Octogram test and give you some tools for understanding what the Octogram 'means' through the lens of the MBTI.The Octogram Work and Leadership Styles Test is the only valid test for measuring the personality traits that underpin the Competing Values Framework. Online Talent Manager is a psychometric test developer and is the creator and owner of this test.To find out more about using the Octogram and our other questionnaires in your consultancy work or within your own organization, contact us to find out moreEmail: [email protected] : http://www.onlinetalentmanager.comTo learn more about the Octogram test itself, we have created a site where visitors can read some supporting documentation and take the test. We offer the Octogram personality test for free to people who help us with some research questions and for a small fee for people who want to see the full report without committing to a license just yet.http://www.octogramtest.comI can be found on LinkedIn posting in several HR and Psychometric Practitioner forums in expanding your consultancy portfolio? Online Talent Manager is looking for customers and partners in English-speaking markets, especially in the USA, Canada, and UK. Our OTM tool allows you to offer a wide variety of personality, behavior, intelligence, 360-rater, competency and competency prediction and group analysis services at competitive rates. Contact us directly for more [email protected]