Mill Creek Reviews: Future Women (1969)

by: MisterRiffley     Published on: 30 May 2012

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Title: Future Women Alternate Title(s): Rio 70; The Girl From Rio Mill Creek Rating: * 1/2 /**** (one and one-half out of four) Year: 1969 Genre: Sexploitation/Bond-style spy thriller IMDB Rating: 4.9 RottenTomatoes Audience Rating: 42% MCR Hall of Fame Nominee: The city of Rio de Janeiro Collection: Sci-Fi Invasions 50-Movie Pack ___ My movie reviews on this page will be devoted exclusively to the films featured in the Mill Creek Entertainment series of bargain DVD collections, and specifically those selections that are in the public domain. Mill Creek movies tend to be low-budget, dated, obscure, outrageous, ponderous, exploitative, and bizarre. Some are unique and brilliant. Many are simply abysmal. For this reason, my four-star rating system is different from, and more lenient than, most. You can count on a one-star movie in my rating system to be absolute slop but just because I give a movie four stars, that doesn't make it Kramer vs. Kramer. It simply means that the movie is a truly valuable find in the Mill Creek collection. It's still likely to suffer from many of the same problems that dog movies made on shoestring budgets, or movies made for other-than-mainstream audiences. So just because I give a movie three or four stars, dont yell at me just because I set you up to expect The Godfather. That out of the way, an explanation of my rating system: One Star: Utterly without value. A one-star movie is guaranteed to be horrible. Two Stars: Empty but perhaps sporadically fun. One or two interesting elements may make this movie worth watching to some, but odds are most will find it horrible. Three Stars: Passably well-made, with some deeper aspirations. Still somewhat likely to be horrible. Four Stars: A unique, ambitious, challenging movie, perhaps brilliant, definitely worth seeing. Might still be horrible.