[Monsta X] I.M weird and funny moments

by: 가릿 최monbebe4life x     Published on: 03 February 2018

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This is a FUNNY COLLECTIONS OF I.M. Some are new and some are old but I hope you'll enjoy this video. I made this video for his Birthday (He's my bias wrecker😂😍) Anyways, thanks for watching! Don't forget to like my video and subscribe for more. 😊If there are any recommendations you want me to make, please feel free to comment down. 💕Here are some of my videos:Monsta X fansign moments 1&2:1)[Eng Sub] Monsta X won and they will become stronger:' s Choreo How Long (0.4 slow): X's Winter Olympics [things you didn't notice]: X official YouTube account (Please subscribe their channel): to the owners. No copyright infringement intended.