Most Beautiful Music: "Magnificent Unknown" by Jason Rebello

by: HDSounDI     Published on: 11 February 2019

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Subscribe: by: Jason RebelloAlbum: Emotional IntelligenceListen to this video on loop: this track at Audionetwork: Jason Rebello: DETAILS:Image link (Pixiv): 鬼太Follow the artist: PLAYLISTS:Epic: NOTICE:This channel is only for promotional purposes, none of the featured music or artwork are created by me. Please don't ask for permission, I'm not allowed to give any.Have a question? The FAQ page may be useful: PROMOTION: In order to submit your own music, follow these 3 simple steps:1. Send me a PM on my facebook page: ... A message should start with the word - PROMOTION.3. In message must be included music file/s or... link/s to them. (Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc.)FIND MORE ABOUT EPIC MUSIC & HDSOUNDI:Subscribe: channel: website:"Where words fail, music speaks."- Hans Christian Andersen#HDSounDI #Journey #Orchestra