Mostly Horror DVD/Bluray/VHS Update 04.04.13 (Pre Cinema Wasteland Update)

by: mrparka     Published on: 05 April 2013

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Laserdisc 1. Phantom of the Ritz VHS2. Revenge of the Dead3. Return of the Living Dead (recommended) 4. Vendetta 5. Witch Hunt6. Ghostfever7. Spacerage8. Knights of the City9. Mantua DVDBluray10. Stiches 11. Sightseers12. American Mary 13. Demons Never DieDVDs14. Alley Cat15. Action Pack Set: Cyclone, Alienator, Eye of the Tiger, Exterminator 2 16. Possessed / Demon Witch Child17. My Stepdad's a Freakin' Vampire (not a fan) 18. Easter Casket (Recommended) 19. Devil's Bridge 20. Antiviral 21. Memories of Murder22. Big Fan (recommended) 23. Brother of Darkness 24. Jitters, the 25. Grave of the Vampire 26. Cross Bearer (recommended) 27. Expectations/ Confessions28. Savage Water/ Death by Invitation29. Ms. Cannibal Holocaust (worth a look) 30. Bad Meat (recommended)31. Rattlers32. Scratch33. Rodentz 34. Willard Remake35. Revenge of the Rats36. Killer Rats 37. Tunnels 38. The Rats39. Rat Scratch Fever Blurays again40. Ironclad 41. Collection, The 42. Dead Sushi43. John Dies at the End44. DVD Jerkbeast