Mrparka Review's "The Cemetery" (New unreleased flick from Adversary Films) 2013

by: mrparka     Published on: 26 March 2013

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Description :

From the makers of Cross Bearer comes a gory and nudity filled horror flick in the vein of the Evil Dead, Olaf Ittenbach, and Night of the Demons. When a film crew set out to do the newest episode of ghost seekers they get more then they bargained for from their location, an old hidden cemetery where supposedly tons of people were tortured and killed. The victims were believed to be demons. Soon enough someone is possessed and the group of bickering people are picked off in horrible gruesome detail 1 at a time. The Cemetery has some top notch gore, nasty kills, and good looking breasts to keep any horror fan satisfied. The opening narration is one of the highlights. Looking forward to what comes next from this company. exclusive content check out the youtube page