Mrparka with Brandon Salkil Review "Screamers 1979"

by: mrparka     Published on: 06 July 2014

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Description : the clips had to be filmed from the TV. Sergio Martino's 2nd island adventure flick gets the Scorpion Blu Ray treatment loaded with features and a crisp picture. Not to mention an explanation for the three titles, the many cuts of the film, and the history of the "man turned inside out"."Screamers" follows the story of a boat of convicts who get stranded on an island where Richard Johnson (Zombie) is forcing a professor to work and turn people into fishmen to find the buried treasure of Atlantis. The opening show by Corman sports Cameron Mitchell and Mel Ferrer and some truly awesome effects, but when we get into the Martino stuff the goregous Barbara Bach and classic Johnson just can't keep wheels going for it to become a masterpiece. Regardless it is a fun slice of Italian cheese similar to "Humanoids From the Deep", "Island of Dr. Moreau", and of course "The Creature From the Black Lagoon".