Muhammad Dahiru Daura, Idi Wanzami Excerpt Jan, 2006

by: Foundation for Hausa Performing Arts     Published on: 10 January 2012

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Muhammad Dahiru Daura, a Hausa blind beggar minstrel, in a live performance of his epic masterpiece, Idi Wanzami (Enoch the Barber), a comedic take on barbers. This performance is based on a real-life narrative of a blind beggar's encounter with an ascerbic barber in Gazawa, Niger Republic. This performance recorded the first time Dahiru Daura used backing musicians in his career. Sadly, it was also his last, for he died a few years after this concert. Full details of the performance and on Muhammad Dahiru Daura available at Abdalla Uba Adamu. A hilarious parody of t his song by Sadi Sidi Sharifai (Kano, Nigeria) is available on this site at