Muscular Atrophy Exercises | Strengthen Your Ankle and Calf

by: MS Workouts     Published on: 13 November 2017

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Want More Free Exercises for Your Symptoms?Sign up for the FREE ONLINE MS WORKOUTS STRENGTH CAMP Subscribe to Our Channel! E-PROGRESS JOURNAL AND LESSON VIDEO this Monday's weekly MS Fitness Video Jeff will be guiding you through some exercises that you can do for muscular atrophy. Muscular atrophy is a common issue when living with Multiple Sclerosis and can severely effect your mobility especially when it affects your calf and ankles. The way we improve muscular atrophy is to strengthen the muscles of the affected area. Watch this week's video to find out some easy exercises you can do to improve atrophy in your calf and ankles. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Exercises Performed in this Video for Muscular Atrophy 1.) Ankle Eversion - 2:272.) Ankle Stretch - 6:343.) Calve Stretch - 2:18 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here are some Guided Stretch Videos to help with pain and spasticity! 1.) Lower Back Pain Stretches Spasticity Stretches more information to our Exclusive Workout Subscription Plan please visit Our exclusive workout program for MS was designed by Physical Therapists at the Central Texas Neurology Consultants and is the best way to pursue exercise seriously while living with Multiple Sclerosis. Learn More About Our Exclusive Online Exercise Program for MS OFF COUPON to our Exclusive Online Exercise Program for MS*************************************************LET’S CONNECT!twitter:***********************************************SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS TO US team@msworkouts.comTHANK YOU SUPPORTERS!