My Cousin Rachel | Movie Review (Rachel Weisz & Sam Claflin)

by: The SilverScreen Analysis     Published on: 09 June 2017

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A SilverScreen Analysis review of the new film-adaptation of the classic novel from Daphne Du Maurier, "My Cousin Rachel" directed by Roger Michell. Starring Rachel Weisz and Sam Claflin. Thanks for watching!Now you can help support the SilverScreen Analysis by doing your normal shopping. Access Amazon through the link below as well as getting your ticket through Fandango you can help contribute to the channel to help make bigger and better content. Shop for all your AMAZON goods here. all your movie tickets on FANDANGO Site: https://silverscreenanalysis.comTwitter: : : [email protected] and images used for the purpose of review and commentary under the terms of Fair Use. All footage belongs to its respective copyright holder.