Nasir Malik Chowk Azam

by: Urdu Sukhan     Published on: 14 February 2019

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Nasir Malik, writer and poet, Chowk Azam Distt. Layyah, is reciting his Urdu poetry in Mushaira, 2nd. International Urdu Sukhan Conference, 2019, Chowk Azam held on 10 February 2019, in the Pioneer's English School Chowk Azamناصر ملک، چوک اعظم، شاعر، اردو شاعریThe world has become a community. Terrorism, violence, pornography, extremism and usual lies have destroyed this society's customs. When young boys do not respect the parents and teachers, do not obey them, make mischievous acts of small children and porn video clips, watch their porn movies and xxx video clips, understand the world's survival to establish relationships with girls and better, they will not move ahead in positive tracks of life. That's why the search of xxx porn video clips and extremist movies has increased all over the world. Come on please, let's leave this path and watch literary movies, watch the research movies and spread a powerful smile. Take the way to make this world a good way. ThanksNasir Malik, Writer and Poet, Chowk Azam