New To RVing? 10 Things Every RV Owner Needs To Know - Tips Tools & Tires

by: Fate Unbound     Published on: 18 October 2018

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New to RVing? Just bought your first RV? Here's 10 things every new RV owner needs to know before hitting the road!1:03 You Don't Need As Much As You Think3:00 Tools You'll Need15:46 Tires18:43 Never Be In A Hurry20:54 Flexibility Is A Must22:47 Tips on Keeping RV Interior Comfortable26:04 Your RV Will Break28:48 Prepare For Inclemate Weather31:59 How To Find Free Camping & Good RV Parks35:14 Have Fun!☆PATREON SPECIAL ACCESS:☆YOUR AMAZON SHOPPING SUPPORTS FATE UNBOUND:☆TIP JAR:☆SHIRTS, SWEATERS, STICKERS, AND MORE:☆SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram: out the rest of our videos: Shown in the Video:Cuisinart Electric Griddler: Square Screwdriver: Wrench: Pressure Gauge: Level: Lap Sealant: Gun: to 15-amp Adapter: Surge Protector: Pressure Regulator: Foot Drinking Water Hose: Air Compressor: Chocks: RV Levelers: Filters: Sewer Hose: Ball Lube: Ladder: Thanks to our Patrons who have pledged $5+ at to help make this video possible!⭐ Andy U.⭐ Blue Mountain Bigfoot Research⭐ Bryan A.⭐ Craig S.⭐ David D.⭐ Derrick P.⭐ Gary B.⭐ James G.⭐ Joanne C.⭐ Joseph H.⭐ Melissa M.⭐ Schylar B.⭐ Scott W.⭐ Scott R.⭐ Stephany J.⭐ Steve H.⭐ Terri L.We've been living in our RV for a year and a half, and with 30,000 miles traveled we've learned a lot! In this video we share what we've learned so you're prepared before hitting the road. We talk RVing tips, essential tools, and how to avoid exploding trailer tires! So here's 10 things every RV owner needs to know before hitting the road!Gear used to shoot this video:Sony α6000: Gun/Zoom Microphone: Microphone Windscreen: Lightweight Tripod: