Nim Cross - Chief Steward iRacing - Interview Live

by: The Simpit     Published on: 17 March 2018

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Support the stream: Multistreaming with Cross is one of the most influential people in all of sim racing. For starters many of you know him as the Chief Steward of iRacing. That means that if you ever ever done something wrong, "On Track", Then Nim was the one who hit you with a penalty or notice. He is the last word when it comes to on track altercations. Nims history in sim racing goes back much further than iRacing. In this interview Shaun Cole of The Simpit will find out how Nim started out in sim racing. They will also talk about how that past led to his being hired at iRacing. They will also talk about the good and bad of being the person in charge of incidents in the sim. And if time permits they might even talk about the future of sim racing.Please subscribe to The Simpit here: Patreon page more sim racing news and shows please visit our website: favorite mods for Assetto Corsa:Sidekick Market Transfer