One Punch Man Top 10 Moments of Saitama - Season 1 & 2

by: Top10Anime     Published on: 12 July 2019

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One punch man top moments of Saitama from both seasons. There are many epic moments in One Punch Man, so this video is only Saitama's Best Moments from both Seasons of One Punch ManIf you loved this then you will love a Saitama T-Shirt: a hoodie: remember to like, comment, subscribe and share (or at least one of them)The list of scenes included are:Saitama vs BorosSaitama vs SubterraneansSaitama vs Genos Saitama vs Sea KingSaitama vs meteorite Saitama vs SuiryuSaitama saving SuiryuSaitama vs Elder CentipedeSaitama vs Carnage KabutoSaitama vs GarouWhat would be your ranking of One Punch Man Scenes, what is the top scene of Saitama for you? Comment below your thoughts!#Saitama #OnePunchMan #Anime