Opening To Clueless 2005 DVD (2006 Gray Disc Reprint)

by: Fabian’s Media Corner 2001     Published on: 04 June 2017

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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS IS INTENDED! Here's The Order As The Followings: 1. Paramount DVD Logo 2. Airplane! DVD Trailer 3. Charmed: The Complete First Season & The Complete Second Season DVD Trailer 4. Mad Hot Ballroom VHS & DVD Trailer (This One Never Got A Retail VHS Release, Only VHS Release On Promotional Copies) 5. Tommy Boy DVD Trailer 6. Laguna Beach: The Complete First Season DVD Trailer 7. The Brady Bunch: The Complete First Season DVD Trailer 8. Warning Screen 9. Commentary Screen 10. DVD Menu 11. PG-13 Rating Screen 12. Paramount Logo (1995-2003)That's It.