Opening To Mean Girls 2004 DVD (2006 Reprint)

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Here Is The Opening To Mean Girls 2004 DVD (2006 Reprint) And Here Are The Order:1.Paramount DVD Logo2.The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie Trailer3.Secret Central:Class Of '05 Trailer4.School Of Rock Trailer5.The Perfect Score Trailer6.The Prince & Me Trailer7.Clueless/Crossroads/The Prince & Me/Save The Last Dance/School Of Rock DVD's Promo8.FBI Warning Screen9.The Views Expressed Screen10.DVD Menu11.MPAA Rating Screen12.Paramount Pictures LogoThat's All.©2004 Paramount Pictures Corporation©2004 Paramount PicturesThere Some Things I Should Pointed Out:#1:The DVD Version Opens With These Previews.#2:The VHS Version Opens With The Preview For:The Stepford Wives Along With Promos For Club House And CSI:New York