Opening to Monster House 2006 DVD

by: BTMG VHS DVD & Blu-ray Openings     Published on: 25 October 2016

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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!!! Requested by VHS And DVD Openings 1000 POE is back and Andrew Verleur. Here's the order:1. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment logo2. Open Season trailer3. Zoom trailer (UGH!!!)4. Spider-Man 3 trailer5. DVD Menu6. Rated PG screen7. FBI Anti-Piracy Warning screen8. Warning/Attention screens9. "The following Interviews and Commentaries..." (English and French)10. "This film has been modified..."11. Columbia Pictures logo12. ImageMovers logo13. Amblin Entertainment logoNOTE: I hate Zoom! I used to think that movie was decent when I rented it from Blockbuster some years ago, but I think it looks bad now. If anyone likes this movie, I respect your opinion.