Opening to Pirate Radio DVD (04-13-10) (Canada) (Region 1)

by: Jesse Coffey     Published on: 07 October 2018

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Description :

Imported into North America under this title, THE BOAT THAT ROCKED tells the story of eclectic disc jockeys who run the fictional radio station Radio Rock in 1966. The station, a competitor to the various BBC channels, broadcasts rock and pop music to the UK via a ship anchored in the North Sea. However, it's not long before the ship comes under investigation from the British government.Starring:The Count--------Philip Seymour HoffmanQuentin----------------------Bill NighyJohn Mayford-------------Will AdamsdaleGavin Kavanagh---------------Rhys EvansDr. Dave---------------------Nick FrostSir Alistair Dormandy---Kenneth BranaghI also did the opening to the DVD's American counterpart.Contents:Warning screenAttention screenText: "The following interviews and commentaries are for entertainment purposes only. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the individuals providing them and do not represent the views and opinions of Alliance Films, Inc. or its affiliates" (with Alliance logo; English/French)Logo: AllianceTrailers:a. GUNLESSb. EXTRAORDINARY MEASURESc. NINEDVD menuLogo: Universal PicturesLogo: Focus FeaturesA little bit of the opening for the film; this was recorded BEFORE I started putting opening scenes in the openings (a measure taken to avoid comments reading "Where's the opening to the actual movie?")