Opening to Toy Story 1996 VHS (Version 2)

by: AndrewsMagicandMore     Published on: 10 July 2017

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Here is the opening to the 1996 VHS of Toy Story1. Green Warning Screens2. The Walt Disney Company Intro (this VHS release of "Toy Story" is the first Disney animated VHS release that used this version of the WDC intro which, up until 2000 and with minor differences, had more lasting power)3. Walt Disney World - 25th Anniversary Commercial3. "Join Us For A Special Preview from Walt Disney Pictures!"4. 101 Dalmatians (Live-Action) Theatrical Trailer (CATCH THOSE PUPPIES!!!!!!)5. Hercules Trailer (unlike on Version 1 of the 1996 VHS of Toy Story, this trailer of Hercules includes more finished animation from the film and less behind the scenes footage)6. "There's Always Something Exciting for Everyone from Disney Interactive!"7. Toy Story from Disney Interactive a) Disney Animated Storybook - Toy Story b) Disney's Activity Center - Toy Story c) Toy Story Video Game on Sega Genesis, Super NES and CD-ROM8. "There are Great New Shows for Kids..." (footage from "The Magical World of Disney" intro and the 1993 ABC logo)9. The Mighty Ducks - The Animated Series Promo ("THIS IS YOUR TV...ABC!")10. "Enjoy all the Magic at Home..."11. Bambi - Fully Restored 55th Anniversary Limited Edition Preview12. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Preview13. Honey We Shrunk Ourselves Preview14. "Feature Presentation" (the first Disney animated release to use this audio variant)15. 1991 Gold Walt Disney Home Video Logo16. Green Format Screen 17. 1995 Walt Disney Pictures Logo (Pixar Version)© Disney Enterprises Inc.