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*HERE IS SOME GREAT INFO OF CLINTS REMINGTON REVOLVER.*Firearms expert Phil Spangenberger tells us: “The gun used in Pale Rider was a New Model 1861 (not an 1863) Remington revolver. These are commonly misnamed as the 1858 Remington of which there is no such animal. Navy Arms founder Val Forgett Sr. called his replica of the ’61 Remington the 1858 to avoid problems with patent rights. “I know Clint used the 1861 model. He pulled the lever down to slide out the cylinder base pin (there is no barrel wedge on a Remington) and removed the cylinder. With the cylinder removed, he replaced it with a fully loaded cylinder, held in a cylindrical pouch attached to his gunbelt. “This was a very accurate re-creation of how the early Remington cartridge conversion revolvers could be reloaded.”