[Penny Dreadful] Vanessa & Dr.Sweet/Dracula » She is mine

by: laurakenji     Published on: 11 May 2016

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[HD + EARPHONES]Hours to make, seconds to comment.SPOILER ALERT: 3X01 - 3X02 + promo“Dracula really goes from being this very sweet Dr. Sweet to being an absolute nasty creature. We as the audience get to enjoy that, but Vanessa thinks that he could be her savior, really help her out of this dark world, and yet he sucks her even further deep.”Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/lalla_23Tumblr(reblog?): http://laurakenji.tumblr.com/post/144291468222/penny-dreadful-vanessa-drsweetdracula-she----------✖ Vidder: xLalla23x✖ Show: Penny Dreadful✖ Actors: - Vanessa Ives: Eva Green - Dr. Alexander Sweet / Dracula: Christian Camargo---------First, sorry for the bad quality of some clips but i had to use clips from promo so, you know, the quality isn't the best.That said, you can't even imagine how happy i am that Penny Dreadful is back and, especially, how excited i am about Dracula! (Vampires as him and Lestat -Interview with the vampire- they always fascinated me so much!).I LOVED these first two episode, i love the new characters (Dr.Jekyll, the psychoanalyst etc..), and i can't wait to see more. After the second episode, and the final scene (i suspected that Dracula was him, but.. WOW!), i was so excited that i felt the need to make a video! I am in conflict, a part of me loves Dracula (♥) but, at the same time, i don't want Vanessa to suffer again. I mean, she was/is going through a really hard time and,then, she mets this new guy and.. look at her smile, her cuteness, toward him! Aw, my baby. As Christian said, Vanessa thinks that he could be her savior.. but, she doesn't know that he is Dracula and he's using her, he's pretending to be nice, and cute etc.. just to have her.NEVER A JOY FOR VANESSA. Leave her alone, she already suffered enough T.TI have to be honest, even though i suspected that he was Dracula, a part of me didn't want to believe it and was starting to ship Vanessa/Dr.Sweet. He is sweet, cute etc.. and makes her smile, and they have great chemistry. But, yeah, is all fake ;__; Why couldn't he be just Dr.Sweet?! Damn.Anyway, i can't help it, i like Dracula and Christian is portaying him so well and i'm so excited.And can we talk about Dracula's voice? OH GOSH!Christian also said that Dracula isn't pure evil, and that he is complex. I LIKE that, i really like that. I like complex characters! But what that means? He really has feelings for Vanessa or what? What is his human part?Am i wrong or in the past seasons, Dracula was mentioned as Lucifer's brother?AAAAARGH, i want to know more!Btw, i hope you like the video. The material isn't much (just two eps, and some promos), i did my best.---------Note: This has been uploaded by a fan for fans. No copyright infringement intended. The rights belong to their respective owners