Pinetown family escape rifle-wielding hijacking gang

by: Blue Security     Published on: 03 February 2019

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Three families were busy saying their goodbyes at the gate of a property that they were visiting in Pinetownon Saturday 2 February.The suspect vehicle is seen driving past the open Gates and a short while later as the first vehicle starts reversing out of the driveway two suspects one armed with an automatic rifle appear on the driver's side of one of the vehiclesThe homeowner who was standing at her Gate bravely pushed the gate closed as The Gunman approached. The driver of the vehicle that was being targeted accelerated back into the garden and crashed into the garage of the premises they were visitingThe second family that was busy reversing allowed time for the driver of the vehicle to get out and help but was approached by the gunman who fired upon by man who fell to the ground to confuse the gunman and his accomplice The bullets went over the mans head as he bravely fell to the ground and rolled away from dangerA second suspect entered the property in an attempt to steal the cell phones from the second vehicleBy now the community watch network had been notified and armed response officers were making their way to the scene from Proforce and Blue SecurityThe suspects got spooked and made off with just a cell phone.SAPS Pinetown or on scene and are investigating