Podcast: 22 Shots of Moodz and Horror Ep. 28 (The Halloween Franchise Part 1-1-5)

by: Moodz616     Published on: 21 October 2014

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Hey guys, this is a very long episode but very fun to do! Hope you enjoy the discussion we have on the first 5 Halloween films!! Be sure to leave us feedback peeps!! We will be back with the second part next week!!Download Link:Itunes: Mills Link top Her Name was Torment 2 indiegogo JP Here: Jeremy Here: Bags Channel Link Shots FB Page Link: Link!sc/cjg9The Devils Link Email:[email protected] Link: Show:Intro: We talk about our weeks, Why we missed the last show, Dustin Mills, and our new voicemail.00:15:16 - News: Tremors 5, Saw 8, Halloween 3, Texas Chainsaw Prequel, and a whole slew of Scream Factories.01:08:52 - Moodz Swingz: DVD/Blu-Ray releases01:28:04 - Moodz Swingz: Halloween 4 sync issue01:37:50 - Halloween (1978)02:24:38 - Halloween II (1981)03:06:25 - Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)03:38:34 - Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)04:16:09 - Halloween 5 (1989)