Podcast: Ep. 161 | Top Ten of 1972

by: Moodz616     Published on: 17 June 2019

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Hey peeps! I'm finally back on the show after a short 2 episode hiatus. This time around we are welcomed by Carly (Netflix n' Chill) and Brandon (Exploding Heads Horror Podcast) toc countdown our top ten fav films from 1972. So make sure you grab yourself a 24 pack of your fav beverage and 6 packs of Combos as this is a long one but a very funny and entertaining show also, Charz! Show notes and links down below....Show Notes Intro: Moodz is back, Jeremy sucks at hosting, No editing for JP, What’s going on this Summer for 22 Shots?, Brandon won’t support 22 Shots, 22 Shots now number 1?, Shirts are dope, Brandon is giving away “Like New” Blurays, Contest Drawing. 00:17:31 -Thoughts on 1972/How many we watched/Another Contest Drawing Top Ten of 197200:41:01 -Number 1001:04:59 -Number 901:28:15 -Number 8 01:44:23 -Number 702:03:29 -Number 6 02:18:36 -Another Contest Drawing Top 5 of 197202:21:06 -Number 502:40:51 -Number 402:56:25 -Number 303:21:17 -Number 203:34:42 -Another Contest Drawing03:37:28 -Number 1 Predictions revealed/Number 1 04:08:58 -Another Contest Drawing04:10:05 -Honourable Mentions/Films we did’t get to see/Worst films04:17:26 -Next Top Ten Year Randomized 04:30:16 -Outro Links:Patreon: Link – [email protected]: Mail: 724-426-6665Our Youtube Pages Jp: Jeremy: Moodz: Body Bags: Pages Moodz: