Podcast: Ep. 164 | Nunsploitation (Vol. 1) Feat Mike from No More Room in Hell

by: Moodz616     Published on: 24 October 2019

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Hey peeps, welcome to another brand new episode! This time around we welcome back Mike (No More Room in Hell & Fresh Cuts) for a riveting episode talking about satanic lesbian Nuns. So grab yourself some Hawkins Cheezies and your fav mind altering beverage and crank this muthfucka up to 11 cause its gonna be a good time, Geeeeaaaaahhhhhh! Show notes and links down below...Show Notes:Intro: Welcome back Mike, Jeremy is avoiding BOB, Fucking Fast Food.00:14:03 -News: Sam Raimi new film in works, The Grudge remake is an “R”, Robert Eggers new flick, Jp with some old news about “I Trapped the Devil”, Dario Argento new TV Series. 01:05:20 -Knowledge: Top Ten Nunsploitation FilmsWhat We Watched (Dub Dub Dub) 01:12:35 -Weedjies: Halloweed Night (2019)01:26:28 -The Addams Family (2019)01:34:38 -Haunt (2019)01:45:20 -Kalifornia (1993)01:56:34 -Little Monsters (2019)02:05:14 -The Drone (2019)02:11:42 -Bonus Review: Spiders (2000)Featured Reviews (Nunsploitation)02:31:07 -Satanico Pandemonium (1975)02:53:46 -Alucarda (1977)03:22:33 -OutroLinks:Patreon: Link – [email protected]: Mail: 724-426-6665Our Youtube Pages Jp: Jeremy: Moodz: Body Bags: Pages Moodz: Me: Website: www.22shotsofmoodzandhorror.comFacebook: @Moodz616Letterboxd: