Pointless Garbage! - Poopsie Chasmell Rainbow Slime Kit

by: NexJen     Published on: 08 September 2019

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Description :

- Savage Jen has entered the chatHey Bebuts, today I've got one of the most ridiculous toys I think I've ever opened. So many things about it make no sense and I just can't believe anybody thought this was a good idea.✩ Support Us ✩★ Check out our merch:★ Subscribe: ✩ Follow Us ✩★ Twitter:★ Instagram: out some of our other Poopsie Surprise videos:Are Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Dolls Worth It?: Pooey Puitton Doll-House: Poopsies Are Broken! - Poopsie Cutie Tooties And Sparkly Critters: