Power BI Dashboard & Reports - Financial Reporting

by: Data Bear Power BI Training     Published on: 09 August 2017

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Power BI Reports - Financial AnalysisThe ability to know what to do and when to do it depends on information. ( information means better informed decisions. Access to accurate real time financial information allows you to make decisions when you need to make them. Running a business without a financial analysis dashboard is like trying to fly a plane at night without instruments. Smart business owners run lean, highly profitable businesses because they have access their vital financial information in an easily digestible format. Having the ability to analyse your businesses financial performance from many angles, whenever you need to, at a glance, means you gain time, reduce stress and add profit. This Financial Analysis solution allows you to analyse your financial performance from almost any angles, allowing you to choose to compare metrics to either prior or budget data.- Select specific ‘To-Date’ periods from a selected point in time- Spot trends- Identify outliers and analyze profitability whilst drilling down into the underlying details- Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with our Quick View Financial Dashboard - Monitor your income, track your expenses and know your data's storyWe have designed the Financial Analysis Solution to help you dramatically reduce the time it takes to access your vital data, significantly reduce the stress you feel when you don’t know what’s happening in your business and identifiably increase your profits.Through our custom apps, connecting your data to your solution has never been easier. To interact with many more of our solutions, visit