Psalm 27, "ADONAI Ori" The L-RD is My Light

by: Christene Jackman     Published on: 04 November 2011

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You can find free PDF chord charts here: BACKSTORYBefore you watch, let me first tell you a story regarding the song in this video. Songwriter/Singer Christene Jackman shared that recently her mom handed her an old, worn little bible. It turned out to be the gift her father had given her mother the day of Christene's birth. Opening the tattered front page, she discovered scripture references scribbled by the hand of her late father outlining the Way of Salvation, as well as one specific psalm. That psalm listed was: Psalm 27, one that had always been among her favorites throughout her life. Jackman has now recorded this moving musical interpretation of Psalm 27 in keeping with the Psalm that was spoken over her life at birth by her father and her Heavenly Abba. "Coincidence" is not a kosher word :)DISCOVER A DEEPER WORSHIP EXPERIENCELooking for a way to go deeper during your worship time? Have you ever considered worshiping the L-rd using the Psalms of Scripture? Enter a powerful level of worship singing and praying the actual Word of G-d in the original language: Biblical Hebrew.The fact that Hebrew as a language has been revived in these Last Days is a miracle in itself. Yes, G-d understands and accepts praise in English, but that doesn't negate the fact that Hebrew is special. The original ancient scriptures were written almost exclusively in Hebrew. FEATURES SUBTITLESDon't know Hebrew? No problem, "ADONAI Ori (The L-RD is My Light)", Psalm 27, has subtitles in Hebrew (for those who are learning Hebrew), transliterated Hebrew and English.Psalm 27 holds comfort and courage in the face of troubling times. The first portions of "ADONAI Ori", Psalm 27, are soothing, drawing the listener in. The final portion of the psalm breaks into statements of strong faith, with the feel of the song transitioning into a Latin-Middle Eastern fusion sound that will make you want to get up and dance like King David, proclaiming the Name and Mighty Acts of the L-RD, the Holy One of Israel.IDEAS FOR USAGEPicture adding live Davidic Dance and Ethnic percussionists along with this video as a backdrop. Free chord charts are available at Christene Jackman's website for singers and bands to perform the song live.This video is dedicated to Israel, a tiny nation struggling to survive; an island surrounded by enemies breathing out lies and threats of destruction. The Holy One of Israel swore by Himself. He keeps His Covenants even when we are unfaithful. Mashiach na! He is our Strong Defender. "Ad mai, ADONAI??"PSALM 17, "ADONAI Ori (The L-RD is My Light)" Music Video.This worship video features the song by Christene Jackman, "ADONAI Ori (The L-RD is My Light)", Psalm 27. The lyrics were written by King David are sung in Biblical Hebrew with the melody composed by Jackman. You can purchase this video or MP3 download through CLICK ON "SHOW MORE"BUY THIS VIDEO OR MP3 OF SONG AT: www.ShuvStore.comLEARN TO SING OR PRAY THIS SONG IN HEBREW: Free PDF download of the chord chart / lyrics with Hebrew, Transliterated Hebrew and English: a part of Christene Jackman's Exclusive Community by becoming a patron of her work. Details? Go to Patreon: STATEMENT:ON CIRCUMLOCUTIONS & THE HYPEN ISSUE: Stop hating on the Jews & Messianics who wish to use a circumlocution for the Name Of G-d, and the hyphen issue. Stop thinking His Names are a magic wand and incantation you must spell & say just the right way in order to be effective or pleasing to G-d (or God). It's a circumcised heart that matters. His Name(s) are His REPUTATIONS/Attributes. You have the wrong idea about the "G-d," etc. For those who use it--it is an expression of REVERENCE for His Name, not political correctness or superstition. Here's some insight: SACRED NAMERS: We no longer know how to properly pronounce YHVH, regardless of what you read on the internet by pseudo scholars. Until the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob restores this, I prefer to call Him HaShem or ADONAI or Abba Father or Avinu rather than mangle His Name. See Luke 11:2. Note that Messiah did not use the YHVH Name, but instructed us to pray saying, "Avinu/Our Father.") Tim Hegg of Torah Resource has a great scholarly article on the "Sacred Name" issue. Note regarding: "Taking His Name in vain" is, at its fullest sense, is to say you represent Him and live your life contrary to His Torah (instructions).ON YESHUA: Yeshua (there is no "J" sound in Hebrew) means, "salvation." Actually, His Name is in the Tanakh 29 times - "Jeshua": don't we go out and feed the orphans, widows, strangers and Levites and stop bickering over this. That would bring much more honor to His Name. Amein