"Hidden Paradise" Fiji 90 Minute HD Nature Experience Relaxation Video 1080p

by: Nature Relaxation Films     Published on: 08 January 2014

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MUSIC VERSION @ https://youtu.be/vHZO7j5bBH0 | DVD / DOWNLOAD / LICENSE: http://www.naturerelaxation.com/products/hidden-paradise-fiji-hd-relaxation-video-1080p-digital-download-or-blu-ray-dvd | STREAM AD/WATERMARK FREE: http://www.StreamingNatureVideos.com ABOUT: Have you ever wanted to just escape from it all? Now you can turn any screen into a window to a hidden garden island, Qamea Island, located in the the remote north-eastern islands of Fiji. Begin your journey as the sun pierces through trees as vibrant blue waves break on a white sandy beach; progress up the island to a lush lookout, and enjoy distant wave breaks, trees and birds, and passing clouds. Finally transport yourself back to the beach as the day continues and end it with a beautiful sunset scene as it falls over a distant mountain. It's 90 minutes of pure nature bliss! Great for turning your TV into a relaxing window to the world; the waves make for a great ambient sound and the sights are sure to ease your worries...© David Huting 2013. Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II + Rode Stereomic; edited in Premiere Pro CS6.