"The Killing Machine". a.k.a "Icarus" Official UK Blu-ray DVD Trailer. August 16th 2010.

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Dolph was great in so many of the eighties video releases such as "Dark Angel" a.k.a "I come in peace" and "The Punisher" (uncut dutch version) and this looks like a return to form. One of the real tough guys of cinema and has a great fanbase here in the UK. Video available now from Anchor Bay UK http://www.anchorbay.co.uk/new_site/dvd/dvd.php?CO=ABD4927 DOLPH LUNDGREN IS BACK ON FORM, TAKING NAMES AND KICKING ASS. After a prolific but less than stellar movie career in recent years, 2010 looks set to be a golden one for Swedish action superstar Dolph Lundgren, with the release of two movies that see him returning to the kind of form not seen since the glory days of 'Rocky IV', 'Masters Of The Universe' and 'The Punisher'. In August, Dolph will be seen starring alongside the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Steve Austin and Jason Statham in the testosterone-filled 'The Expendables'. That same month also sees the DVD and Blu-ray release of the high-octane action-thriller, Dolph Lundgren Is The Killing Machine, Dolph's latest movie outing and his fifth feature to date as both director and star. To his friends, family and colleagues, Edward Genn (Lundgren) is an ordinary man, a divorced father with a steady job working for an investment company. However, to others Genn is known as Icarus, a ruthless killing machine and former US sleeper agent once based in the Soviet Empire. Determined to break away and leave his dark past behind, Genn has started over with a new identity, but he soon learns you can only escape your past for so long. When an unexpected incident in Hong Kong results in Icarus' cover being blown, past and present collide and the one-time assassin realizes he is now the target. Worse, the people that want him dead will stop at nothing to get to him and that means going after those he cares about most—his wife and daughter. With his life at stake, Icarus is forced to face the demons of his past in order to protect the loved ones in his present. He must fight to save the only thing he's ever done right in his life by uncovering those who are after him and protecting his family before it's too late. "Extended gunfire, explosions, and an impressive body count are the order of the day" (BeyondHollywood.com) in Dolph Lundgren Is The Killing Machine, which co-stars Stefanie von Pfetten (Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief), Samantha Ferris (Supernatural) and Bo Svenson (Inglourious Basterds; Kill Bill), and is a definite must-see for Dolph Lundgren fans and those with a taste for edgy, independent action movies. Dolph Lundgren Is The Killing Machine (cert. 18) will be release on DVD (£15.99) and Blu-ray (£19.99) by Anchor Bay Entertainment on 16th August 2010.