Ranking ALL the Dungeons and Dragons 5e Adventures Worst to Best

by: Taking20     Published on: 20 November 2018

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What's the Best Dungeons and Dragons 5e Adventure? Now that Dragon Heist and Dungeon of the Mad Mage are out, let's rank all the D&D 5th edition adventures from worst to best. D&D Starter Box Sale: off right now.----------------------------------------------------------------KILLER TAKING20 STUFF----------------------------------------------------------------Taking20 Rewards: http://WelcomeAdventurers.comJoin us on Discord: Website: Merch: AVAILABLE - The Mist Walker! - New 5e Class!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Download the Mist Walker here: - RECOMMENDED READING-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Homeland - DM - of Autumn's Twilight - SUPPLIES-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Player's Handbook - Heist - the Aeon Throne -*WANT TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL?*----------------------------------------------------------------Check out the Rewards!http://WelcomeAdventurers.comPRODUCED BY:Nox404, Tyrel A. (Sabayn), Sam Kennedy, MCKerrnel, SuperPanda, Ed Stevens, Philip Thompson, Scott DeVos, Shane, Daniel Lewis, Christopher K Knorr, Total Cover, Russel Argabrite, Chris Neves, Adam Dagna, Azermiath, John S Fisher, Rickard Johansson, Jesus Salinas, Snow, DCDungeonMaster, Tyler Duncan, Jack Murphy III, SimoN, Jesse Crump, Vladdmir, Don Durham, Emersyn Lake, Bangkook, Jacob Ingalls, Mike Rhine, Paul Beech, Avin, Caefer G, Charles Lockwood, Sshell101, Justin Fitzgerald, Shane Zuspan, Tyler grubb, Blacksmithii5, Jason Smith, Marius Vogel, Brandon Lujan, Fiona Ward, Neat Idea Media, Cristian De Cesare, Jacob Colborn, Steve Kowalik, Parker Seymour, Dave ManganAND SPECIAL THANKS TO TO THE REST OF THE TAKING20 PATRON COMMUNITY!LET'S CONNECT!Twitter ------- ------- AVAILABLE - MY 5E ADVENTURE!----------------------------------------------------------------A Much Bigger Problem — (DriveThruRPG)A Much Bigger Problem — (Roll20 Add-on)----------------------------------------------------------------LOOKING FOR MORE PLAYLISTS?----------------------------------------------------------------Tips & Tricks for Game Masters — D&D Monster Guides — Week — and Glory Week: For Aid — business inquiries please contact [email protected]