Rare Times Gordon Ramsay Was Actually Impressed By Food

by: Mashed     Published on: 07 February 2019

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Gordon Ramsay doesn't hold back when it comes to food, but not every one of the famously furious chef's reviews are negative. The man loves food: it just better be good! Here are a few of the rare moments from Ramsay's many reality shows when the swearin' Scot actually liked the food.#GordonRamsay #ChefRamsay #KitchenNightmaresRamsay cleans his plate | 0:18Mom's perfect french fries | 1:10Carrot cake saves the day | 1:46Killer clam chowder | 2:27The redemption burger | 3:26The perfect sausage roll | 4:12Bread pudding looks bad, tastes great | 5:00A fabulous Bananas Foster | 5:34Mother Mary's red velvet cake | 6:23"Good and crusty" apple pie | 6:58Ramsay's signature dish | 7:35Vegan for a night | 8:29Friendly on The F Word | 9:13