Reign Of Assassins: Official UK DVD Trailer

by: Cult Labs     Published on: 13 February 2013

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From John Woo comes Reign Of Assassins. Pre-order the film on DVD here - in UK cinemas 15 Feb 2013John Woo co-directs an all-star cast in this period-set martial arts actioner that combines the action-comedy and romance of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" with the identity swap thrills of "Face/Off".Key talent:Co-directors John Woo (Red Cliff; Paycheck; Mission Impossible II; Face/Off) and Su Chao-pin (Silk), producer Terence Chang (Woo's regular producer) and and stars Michelle Yeoh (The Lady; Memoirs Of A Geisha; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Tomorrow Never Dies), Jung Woo-sung (The Good, The Bad, The Weird; The Warrior), Wang Xueqi (Bodyguards And Assassins; The Founding Of A Republic), Shawn Yu (Dragon Tiger Gate; Initial D -- Drift Racer; Infernal Affairs), Kelly Lin (Sparrow; Triangle) and Barbie Hsu (My Kingdom).Synopsis:In Ancient China, "Drizzle" is the most deadly and ruthless assassin of the Dark Stone gang. After a life of theft and murder, she seeks to atone for her ways and leave the gang forever. Undergoing a drastic procedure to alter her appearance, she changes her name to Jing and starts a new life in the capital.Even with her newfound life as a shopkeeper and a budding romance to Ah-Sheng, the Dark Stone gang is hot on her trail. She alone holds the secret of the mystical Buddhist monk's remains, which legend says the possessor will gain control of the whole world. The gang will stop at nothing in their pursuit to control this power.You'll Love It BecauseNominated for ten Hong Kong Film Awards (including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Action Choreography, Best Cinematography), this is far and away the classiest and best-choreographed martial arts extravaganza we've seen since "House Of Flying Daggers". John Woo's inimitable directorial touch, sumptuous visuals, astonishing action set-pieces and a beautiful and extremely talented cast featuring the cream of Asian cinema, all performing at the top of their game, make this a must-see.Hot Quotes:"The beautifully balanced story finds time for humour and a piercingly romantic finale... lush visual treat." -- The Hollywood Reporter."A delightful martial-arts romp that makes up in wit and exuberance what it occasionally lacks in clarity and finesse." -- Variety."Its scenes of sword-play are wonderful... absorbing and entertaining." -- Screen International."Without heavy resort to visual effects, and without going too far down any one stylistic road, the film gives new life to a genre that's been pulled every which way in the past 20 years in search of new thrills." (9/10) -- Derek, Elley, Film Business Asia.