by: Raycon     Published on: 20 November 2016

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It's done. My final take on 2008 and my most ambitious video to date. I started working on it in August and it took me three months to complete it but here it is, I present to you an 18 minute long trip down memory lane to the year 2008.This year saw declining popularity of rock music in the mainstream and rise of the wave of club music that did not disappear until early 2010s. While Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, T.I., Rihanna and Beyonce dominated the airwaves, "The Dark Knight" became the most critically acclaimed superhero movie ever, Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off with "Iron Man" and Indiana Jones returned once more in "Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull". Meanwhile GTA IV took the franchise to the new generation of consoles and Breaking Bad, arguably one of the greatest TV shows of all time, made its debut on AMC. And of course, 2008 saw the end of Bush administation as Barack Obama was elected 44th president of the United States.I hope you will enjoy a trip to this incredible and memorable year! Be sure to share your memories from 2008 in the comments!