Renault 1.2 D4F Cylinder Head Removal

by: peugeotCitroen2CV     Published on: 03 July 2016

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Description :

Removing the Cylinder head from a 1.2 16v D4F engine removed from a 2002 ClioI'm stripping the engine down as it came in a spares Clio I was given last year and it's a good excuse to strip one of these engines down to make this video. There have been a number of people asking for a head gasket video for the Clio and this is as close as I can give.I still recommend following a Haynes manual to note the bolt sequence for removing the cylinder head and torque figures for refitting but this basically shows how the head comes off on this engine. It's been removed from the car so it's easier to see but it can all be done with the engine in the car.As I am stripping the engine down fully some steps and parts removed may not be totally necessary to get the head off but nonetheless are included in the video.