Respiratory Decisions in ALS - "Developing a Care Plan"

by: The ALS Association     Published on: 24 March 2014

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Description :

Video discusses initially working with your healthcare team to decide on establishing a care plan to live with Lou Gehrig's Disease. This is the first video of a three-part series.A common theme throughout the series is the realization that respiratory challenges are part of ALS, and the very best way to address these challenges is to learn about available options and actively participate in developing a strategic health care plan with your healthcare team. The types of respiratory support a person chooses to include in that plan are based on their own beliefs as well as their family and financial situation. Some people make changes to their plan as events unfold. The critical point is that a person participates in developing a care plan so choices are made by each person, rather than for that person in an emergency situation.Whenever possible, it is recommended for ALS professionals to be present when people and families fighting the disease view the videos. This will allow the families to ask questions about their individual circumstances. It is also recommended that ALS professionals consider each person's stage of progression to gauge the most appropriate time to view each video.