Reviving Ophelia - Cessatio a Divinis

by: Luis Fer     Published on: 04 March 2012

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Description :

Recorded in Trisas Studio Find us: Lyrics: Stop pretending this world keep turning upon you You're destroying my way i fucking must to go Stop disturbing the minds you'll never gonna know Now is my mind that you will see explode as fuck. Just like Ubermench, will get over me This world's an empty space But i will die with a laught on my fuckin' face. You'll brutally cry on my carcass as anyshit No doubt i became my animal now outside of me This monster that ate my soul is like a motha' fuckin' beast i know that was me fucking angry, finding sex appeal. You cant' make this moment !Never¡ we won't last together Even you can fuck this moment until we can live forever. This is my return, i'll fight This is my, my wolf inside. I'll fight for honor I'll fight for future I'll fight for you ¡INMORTALITY! Stop pretending this world keep turning upon you I will break the divinity.