Ripe - "Young Tom Rose" (TELEFUNKEN Immersive Studio Experience)

by: Live From The Lab     Published on: 29 May 2018

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Description :

Watch Ripe perform their original "Young Tom Rose" at Power Station New England for the TELEFUNKEN Immersive Audio Experience.-Dive into the Full Immersive Studio Experience: Elektoakustik has partnered up with Power Station New England and the band Ripe to let you experience our products like never before. Alongside the video exists a 3D interactive environment so you see and hear first hand TELEFUNKEN microphones in action.-To download the full multitrack audio files for this session, please visit: Station New England: Input List:Bass DI - TDP-2 (Channel 1) Amp - M82 Kick & Broadcast DI - TDP-2 (Channel 2)GTR 1 Amp - M81 Universal Dynamic 2 Amp - M81 Universal Dynamic 2 Vocals - M81 Universal Dynamic 1 Vocals - M81 Universal Dynamic - U48 FX - M81 Universal Dynamic - ELA M 260 - ELA M 260 - TDP - 2 In - M82 Kick & Broadcast Out - AK-47 MkII Top - M81-SH Bottom - M80-SH Tom 1 - M81-SH Tom 2 - M81-SH Tom - M80-SH - C12 (Pair) - CU-29 Copperhead (Pair) Shell - U48 Hat - ELA M 260 Pad FX - TDP-1 -Executive Producer: Toni FishmanProducer: Alan VenitoshRecording Engineer: Jake SubinAssistant Engineer: Evan BakkeCamera Operators: Patrick McManaman, James Duffy, Mike DeMatteo, Nick SonsiniMix Engineer: Jake SubinVideo Editing: Patrick McManaman-