RoboCop: Prime Directives - (Fan Edit)

by: RoboCop Archive     Published on: 15 September 2017

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We all know Robo:PD is a lame attempt to bring the old Robo back, but it does have some some good material.Here's a small brief of what what's changed in David Cells fan edit:- Removed most of Bone-Machine sequences (including the hostage situation with The Bombs, which I changed a bit drastically), and made him appear a lot less to make him look a bit more terrifying rather than just plain pathetic as he seems to be- cut out most of OCP's pointless meetings and small chit-chat stuff- removed some of the bad acting and pointless scenes- reduced the fighting sequences to create more dynamics on the narrative- removed some spoiler scenes to create more mystery around Robocable - as an homage to RoboCop 1!Unfortunately not much could be done about the soundtrack (that trompet-based theme gets on everyones nerves).