RUN Episode 30, 10/09/19

by: VikatanTV     Published on: 10 September 2019

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Shakthi and Divya comes to a restaurant. Divya goes to the washroom and feels bad for doing what Rudran had asked her to do. Rudran calls her and tells Divya that he believes that Shakthi is her boyfriend. Rudran tells her that he will stop everything if she hands over the drugs to him. He threatens Divya that he will attack Shakthi if she refuses to hand over the drugs. Rudran asks Divya to end their relationship immediately. Shakthi shouts seeing Divya walking out. Prabhu meets with his higher officials. They ask him about the status of RK’s murder case. Prabhu tells that they suspected RK but he is no more. Rogue police officer says he suspects Shakthi. Prabhu tells that he is unnecessarily trying to trap Shakthi. The rogue police officer says Shakthi has been involved in Caro’s murder since beginning and briefs everything. Prabhu says Shakthi is innocent. Shakthi calls Prabhu and he disconnects the call. Prabhu gets a call again from Shakthi and he puts on speaker phone. Shakthi tells that Divya had tried to go to Caro’s house and also about kissing him. Prabhu asks Shakthi to come to his office. The rogue officer says Shakthi is trying to divert the case. Prabhu’s higher official suspects Shakthi. Rudran tells Saju about Shakthi. He asks Saju not to target Shakthi now as he is not aware of this. Rudran asks Saju to keep the photos safe as it might come handy. Shakthi comes to the station and meets the officer. He asks Shakthi what he tried to tell Prabhu over the phone. Shakthi says Divya is behind the murders. Shakthi tells him that he will complain against Divya and asks him to take action. Divya comes there and says Shakthi is talking irrelevant things. She says she didn’t kiss him. No one refuses to accept Shakthi’s statement. Divya says Shakthi is torturing her. She acts as if she didn’t go to Caro’s house.Shakthi asks the police officers to check CCTV footage of SS mall to know the truth.Prabhu requests them to consider Shakthi’s statement. Divya says Shakthi is trying to malign her name. Divya says she came to the station with the hope that she might find s clue in her dad’s murder. Inspector asks her to leave. She leaves feeling sorry for cornering Shakthi. Higher official orders the rogue officer to enquire Shakthi at his station. Shakthi is upset that they are being partial to influential people. Divya heats everything and feels bad. Shakthi is ordered to be put in the lock up. Prabhu and Rohini feel bad and they try to get hold of Chandran to get Shakthi out of trouble. Ramya meets Lissy and they talk about the upcoming dance show. Ramya says she feels much better after coming to Bangkok. Ramya talks highly of Divya. Lissy asks Ramya fo contact her for any help. Prabhu comes to see Chandran. Prabhu tells that Shakthi is arrested. Logu asks Chandran to bring Shakthi out of this mess. Chandran asks Prabhu what he should do.Divya is being controlled by Rudran and she is a puppet in his hands. She acts to his tunes and Rudran has a back up plan of having photos of Divya and Shakthi. Shakthi is again put into torture by Divya and Shakthi’s rage towards her is doubled now. Though Divya feels sorry for her act, Shakthi is in hell. Prabhu and Rohini try to bring Shakthi out of this. Chandran will be able to get him out. Nice pleasant conversations between Lissy and Ramya in Bangkok. Will Shakthi help Divya realizing she is in a trap?The latest video of the latest offering from Vikatan Televistas - RUN. Welcome the team of Krishna, Sharanya, Nizhalgal Ravi & others as they come together under the Vikatan stable to give us a romantic thriller called RUN. Hope it meets your expectations. Also talked about as Deivamagal Prakash's next serial on Sun TV! Here begins our new journey with this roller coaster of a romantic thriller!After the blockbusters Kolangal, Thirumathi Selvam, Thendral, Deivamagal and Naayagi, here comes another offering - a Tamil daily soap from Vikatan, and this one is a romantic thriller directed by Amaravathi (Ajith) fame Selva, featuring Krishna (Prakash from Deivamagal) and Sharanya Turadi of Nenjam Marappathillai fame along with Navya Swamy (Pooja from Vani Rani).Subscribe: Vikatan App -