Runaway : Short Animation Movie by Ringling College of Art and Design | 3D Animated Film

by: Passion Animation - The Best Animated Movies     Published on: 25 November 2019

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A misunderstanding between a man named Stanley and his treasured 1950"s refrigerator, named Chillie. Set in present day, a sad event sends Chillie into a whirlwind of emotional turmoil, and as a result, he runs away. Facebook : credits :Susan Yung - Parobek - Emily Buchanan - Music composed by: Andy Brick: Design by: Mauricio D"Orey : Hadrika for lending is awesome voice!FESTIVALS:CTA 2014 (Student Emmy) 2nd Place - Animation Category40th Annual Student Academy Awards - FinalistAnimation Block Party 2013 - Student FilmTAAFI 2014 - Official SelectionSIGGRAPH Asia 2013 - Computer Animation Festival - SelectedSavannah Film Festival - Official Selection, Student CategoryENJOY! Corti Animati d'Autore, Bari, Italy - SelectedFlorida Film Festival 2014 - Best of Brouhaha sidebar - SelectedRiverRun Int'l Film Fest - Saturday Morning CartoonsANIMAYO 2014 - Winner Best Comedy for all AgesBy Ringling College of Art and Design--Welcome to Passion Animation the YouTube channel dedicated to the world of animation!Passion Animation is the place on YouTube to discover in a same channel the greatest and newest animated videos from the best schools and animation studios across the globe. We daily share a fine selection of videos that will delight everyone!Enjoy your stay on Passion Animation and make sure to subscribe to not miss a masterpiece that may be published! 😀Notes• Want your animation video to be featured? Feel free to contact us.• Please note all videos are uploaded after written copyright permission from respected Artists, Studios and Schools - Regarding content Creative Commons licensed, you will find all details in the description below each video. our channel for more #Movies #Animation #Films #CGI #3D #Movie