Say Hello to The Death Metal Dodge Charger! Finnegan's Garage Ep.76

by: Finnegan's Garage     Published on: 25 July 2019

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Description :

This video offers an update on the "Trade My Truck" debacle and my 1969 Dodge Charger, which Kibbe alerted me was for sale last year. The charger is a legit barn find, stashed away in Indiana for 50-plus years before it was drug outside and put on eBay. I bought it, Tony Angelo and I filmed a Roadill episode about reviving it, and then the motor died one summer night last year. The drivetrain consists of a 383ci Dodge big-block, which is backed by a Silversport Transmissions six-speed conversion kit. The kit bolts a Tremec Magnum manual gearbox into the B-body with ease. The car is called Death Metal because it doesn't drive straight, the four-wheel truck drum brakes don't work that well, and the rollcage might actually be more dangerous than not having one at all. Nevertheless, I love the car and in this episode we'll show you what broke and how we fixed it. I think you'll be surprised!If you like the shirts and hats you see here then please support the channel by buying one at thanks!-mike